isalah chart is your free salah organisational system that keeps track of salah
Salah Checklist
Salah Performance
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isalah chart is your free salah organisational system that keeps track of salah,stores your missed prayers so you can make them up and create statistics on your salah performance to help you increase your eimaan.isalah chart has been created to help the ummah become more productive and obedient to the al mighty.
Why iSalah Chart ?

iSalah Chart is a simple salah chart tool that helps you:

- Keep up to date with your salah
- Motivate you to improve your salah
- Makes you aware of missed salah
- Increases productivity within Islam

The salah chart tool is for all Muslims across the world and has been created solely for the pleasure of Allah (SWT), registration 100% free and using the website is extremely simple and fun.

InshAllah as time moves forward we will also be improving the site with more features and even creating a mobile version and desktop version that all link together so you can full integrate your salah in your lives as it should be.

If you have any questions or would like to suggest anything please do not hesitate to contact us.

The Functionality

iSalah Chart is a salah management tool that has 3 main functions:

1. Salah Check-list
This is your tick list of salah's, once you login you will see a easy to use interface where you can tick the salah's you read everyday, the aim is to feel good and tick off all your salah's each and everyday.

2. Kath'aa Chart
Shaytan always makes you forget the salah's you need to make up, but with this tool he can never make you forget again, any salah's that are missed are automatically recorded in the Kath'aa chart on the dashboard, so you can make them up and tick them off.

3. Salah Performance
Working hard to ensure that you are improving your salah is essential, so currently on the dashboard there is a simple graph and percentage calculator of how many salahs you are reading each week, once again the aim should be to improve that percentage.

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